• DROP IN - You are welcome to drop into a beginning class for free to see if you are interested, but you will be asked to try to participate because watching makes the current students uncomfortable. Please contact in advance as space is limited.
  • EXPERIENCE - You do not have to have previous dance experience.
  • SAFETY - This style of dance is safe for all ages and sizes. Men can and do do this dance, too. As there are no specifically required movements to perform this dance correctly you are able to work within your own abilities and range, even with previous injury to knees, neck or back. I am often referred patients by Chiropractors and other medical specialists for rehabilitation.
  • AGE LIMIT - There is no age limit in any class. We have had beginning students from 5 to 72. We do ask that children have a reasonable attention span to avoid disturbing the other students or disrupting the class. Mothers, please be prepared with toys or books for your child so you can still complete your own class if this is "just not [the child's] day."
  • WORKOUT - This dance form is excellent for all-over body toning and increasing range of motion. Similar to Yoga or Tai Chi. At the higher levels this dance can become quite a workout. The beginning levels are usually more gentle but still accesses and works muscles you may not know you have.
  • STYLE - I teach a style that I (rather inaccurately) term "pan-Arabic." The beginning class material encompasses modern and traditional steps from Egypt, Turkey, India, Persia and other coutries of influence on this dance style, and will leave you with the ability to safely and correctly execute ANY style you eventually decide is your interest, whether you are looking to dance in a nightclub, around a campfire, or in the bathroom for your cat. The beginning classes do tend to move a little slowly because it is essential you learn correct movement for safety... you want to dance forever, not for a year, right? Don't worry.. once you are through Beginning the Intermediate and Advanced classes are KILLERS if you do everything full out, and often include a Cardio segment suitable for all levels!
  • AGE/SIZE RESTRICTIONS (UPPER ENDS) -Who does this? Okay, I just had another woman FINALLY show up who had been afraid the class would be filled with skinny 20-somethings, so I'm gonna take the time to tell you.... the average student is a woman 25-55 and ranges from about 140-250lbs. Some of the extremes have included 6 & 87 year olds, Bulimic eating disordered (trying to improve her self image during recovery) to 350+lbs (this is a relatively gentle but thorough form of exercise). Men also do this (though there are many more women than men). Sometimes there are gorgeous young ladies, usually there are the rest of us! "SeaFATtle" recognizes us as a fat-friendly thing to do (check out their website from our links -- really neat ladies) AND I am an international level competition coach and competitor (and I'm personally not "fat," "skinny," "young" OR "old"). Trust it. Come and see you DO fit in. ... We also aren't a bunch of bimbos. You'll see.
  • WEAR something you are comfortable moving in. Leggings and a T-shirt, leotards, harem pants & sports bras, or full costume... all are okay. No jeans or tight pants as it makes it hard to bend. We are usually barefoot, but if you prefer shoes that is fine. You might bring a shawl or scarf to tie around your hips... it makes it much easier to focus your attention, but it isn't mandatory.
  • BUY nothing. You need nothing additional for this class. We will have everything available you need for class.  We also have a full shop if you DO want to buy something!
  • SPACE RESERVATIONS/REGISTRATION: Several of the evening classes are also offered through Kent Parks and Rec and sometimes fill rapidly, so you may want to pre-register. You may call 253-813-8580, email or stop in during our regular studio hours to pre-register to reserve your spot. I would also recommend pre-registration to avoid disappointment.... but if you didn't do it, you can choose to come the day or night the class begins and SEE if there is space! There is always enough space for everyone the first night because we work through body isolations and don't travel around the room so much, so you are welcome to stay and participate that first night even if there is no space in the class.
  • TIME SHIFTING: Do notice that you can attend whichever class that shares the same title as yours on the schedule in any given week. You do not have to let us know you are going to time shift.
Where to go after 1 & A... best choice would be between:

"Intermediate Basics" is a 6 week session-based class that begins March 18 & 19... or.... "Int/Adv" is an ongoing workshop-style multi-level class that can be joined any time. It is all drop in. Topic for the week is listed on the Monthly Calendar.  Tues 4:30 live music is drop in, but most folks find it really intimidating because it is a performance class.

  Please, no refunds on class fees, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Got a question we missed? email or call 253-813-8580 for info.



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