Atlas Berber Dance - Saqra 2016

Amazigh - "A-ma-zy"



Basic: Side Step with Shoulder Drops (Can be expended to the pony)

(Shoulder Drop Variation, double up)


Bend and Straighten with Arm Swing  - forward with forward, down with back - fists

Rock step with double Arm Swing from elbow

Rock step with double Arm Swing from elbow - with Shoulder Drops - forward with forward, down with back - open hand


Fwd Cross, Back, Across, - with fake clap

Fwd Cross, Back, Across, - with "I Dream Of Genie" - Opening and closing same side arm as the crossing leg


Shoulder rock (w or w/o shrug) with a Step Together Step

Shoulder Shimmy in place, then crouch and turn around with the hands flat


Step Together - Patting Dough bring it in, take it down, back up and back out

Step Lift Step ("limp step" or "Camel hop" - stamp, lift/hop (shoulder drop for every weight change OR pat the cake)

After patting dough, try brushing hands down to up on sides



Holding Hands for moving line, Optional

Rock step traveling forward and back



Reading List



Chaabi = popular

Shikhatt popular music


Belly Drop

Belly Drop shoulder shimmy combo

6 count belly pop on the 1



Circles in a circle

Circles on turn

W arms


Shoulder shimmies

With the roll forward

With Chest Pop up



Casting Seeds

Bra Straps looking up

Picking stars

Barrel roll arms

Three fingered Weaving with pedal


Soccer Ball (hopping forward with spraddle legs, then accent)

Side to side sharpening Knives with pedal


Hair Whips

Hair Fwd 8


Manual Hair Whips


Arabic fwd & back (try with "rolling" arms)

Step kick

Back Step Kick

Pony without the bounce (hop and feet together - like side skip)


Forward Rolls

Crawl with hair

Prone w/shimmy

Log Roll