This page has notes for the Improvisation workshop, Shimmy workshop and Veil workshop.
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Short Choreo for Improv Exercise:

1 hand ripples down/shoulder rolls

2 shoulder rolls/rib 8

2 1/2 rib 8/undulation down/1 hip 8

2 horiz hip o/1 hip m fwd (reverse sĄde 2)

2 1/2 fwd hip 8/twist f b/vert 8

2 belly rolls on diags/belly lock in/ribs d u

2 undulation down/3 circle up

1 snake arms/bird arms to high v

1 gloves/body push down

Listing for improv
Spot Choreo for General purpose
Full Choreo Tips


 Counted Shimmy vs Shaking Shimmy

Shimmy Overlays vs Shimmy with an Isolation

Classic Knee Shimmy

Front Single Leg Weighted

Single Leg Unweighted

Back Single Leg Semi-Weighted

Parallel Single Leg Semi-Weighted

1 Hip lift shimmy

Slide Shimmy

Arching Shimmy

Back Down Twist Arched Shimmy

Leg Shimmy from Ball (Modern Egyptian)

Classic Twisting

Heel Tap shimmy

Turkish Shaking

Down Shimmy



"Choo-Choo" Brazillian variation

Single Shoulder

Shoulder Shimmy

Chest Shimmy

Rib Side/Side

Chest Up/Down

Rib Fwd/Back


Jazz Hands


Builds: Speed, Complexity, Level Change, Travel

slow to fast

simple to complex - Overlays, Isolations

stationary to moving

changing levels


Egyptian, Western/Turkish/Sculptural, Modern


EGYPTIAN - Wide Hold

Drag and Drop

Conceal and Reveal

Simple Flicks

Transitional style in Egyptian:

Triple Down

Triple Heart

Flip over Arm



Various ways to tuck and remove (We did a full wrap tucked in on the right side, but also did a neck wrap crossed in back, a stole wrap over your arms to make sleeves, an over the head wrap tucked into the shoulders, and a bustle wrap)

Recovery Tip: Put hands together and slide them apart

3 Frames: Bride, Tent, Pyramid

Selection of off-body veil moves:


MODERN - working off end





Drag On Ground

Drag On Shoulder

Step Over

Twist and Treat as a Cane