• WWW.BALADI.COM - Brothers of the Baladi based in Portland, OR. EXCELLENT band.
  • Domba! - High energy Tribal Fusion Troupe based out of Tempe, Arizona. Combines American Tribal style and West African influences into music and dance.



  • WWW.FLUTEFEST.COM - New flute CD from Desert Wind! From Parthenogenesis to Disco Beladi, exotic Middle Eastern rhythms and scales take Andalin's passionate jazz / rock fluting to a whole new level !!!!!



  • WWW.SHIRA.NET - One of the very best Middle Eastern Dance reference sites
  • - The Seattle Source For Middle Eastern Dance -  Events & more in the Seattle Area.
  • WWW.BHUZ.COM - Excellent national dancer/event listing site
  • Recommended: Yahoo e-Group BELLYTALK provides news and events in the Seattle area  Go to to join! Moderated by Christie Pruitt... a nice lady from Federal Way, WA.
  • Recommended: Yahoo e-Group MEDPDX provides news and events in the Portland, OR area  Go to to join! Moderated by Taheyya of Portland, OR.
  •  Nizana's Events Listings - excellent source for events in the WA/OR area
  • - Middle Eastern dance Mondegreens!!!!
  • - is where you can find belly dancers photo galleries photographed by Sarah Skinner, NYC events, bellydancer e-cards, shopping for dancewear and belly dance gifts
  • DrumsNet - A valuable directory for information and resources.



  • WWW.JAREEDA.COM - Jareeda Magazine. Edited by Mezdulene out of Oregon.
  • WWW.ZAINAHART.COM - Zaina Hart of Vancouver, WA. Producer of the Double Crown Belly Dance Competition
  • WWW.HASANI.NET - Hasani of Gig Harbor, WA. Producer of Hasani's Hafla, a quarterly dance event.
  • WWW.CASBAHDANCE.ORG - Morocco of NY. One of the world's foremost Middle Eastern dance researchers.
  • WWW.VISIONARY DANCE.COM - The incredibly unusual Delilah of Seattle's own site. Delilah sponsors a yearly Maui retreat, and has produced some of the most unusual artistic belly dances I have ever seen.
  • WWW.JEWELSOFTHENILE.NET - Cindy Loader in Colorado has some hot candle dance work going.... and produces some really fun events!
  • Balkan Folk Dancing in Seattle! - We dance every Friday night near the shores of Green Lake in Seattle. Visit our site for special events and directions.
  • - Belly Dance Super Store! 100's of CDs, Videos and DVDs. Your spot for Accessories, Costumes,sandals, unitards and More!
  • Deviant Dance - Deviant Dance troupe, workshops, and classes by Grace. Based in Portland, Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area. "...a mystical experience seasoned with a fine sprinkling of absurdity."
  • Irida, belly dance - Site of a French belly dancer: information, forum, directory of the Arabic culture, online shop.
  • Isiris Bellydance - Isiris teaches Beginner, Intermediate and a prenatal bellydance class called MotherDance-Bellydancing thru Pregnancy.


  • mrs - belly dance in Mauritius. please contact (230)787 0671
  • NADI Belly Dance - NADI, the Northwest Association of Middle Eastern Dancers International, promotes ME dance and music around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. NADI sponsors workshops, haflas, and other events, and has a website, In addition, there is a newsletter, a monthly open dance venue and discounts for NADI members. NADI members include performers, musicians, and instructors.
  • - Nizana's Middle Eastern Dance Site - Nizana is the Director of Desert Silk Dance Co, and is an instructor in Eastern and Central WA. Also on her page is a link to an events listing for the PNW and beyond.
  • NW Bellydance Source - NW Bellydance Source is a comprehensive resource site for bellydancing in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.
  • Oasis Dance Camp - The original and longest running (19 years)dance camp for belly dancers in the USA with three locations annually -- Traverse City, MI in September, Vashon Island, WA in October, and St. Augustine, FL in November. Cassandra is the principle teacher. Nicole LeCorgne is the resident drummer. Each year a different guest teacher joins the staff. 2003 the guest teachers are Jillina in MI, Dalia Carella in WA, and Hadia in FL.
  • professinal bellydance - sahara's website, devoted to the Art of Middle Eastern Dance! I created this web site to share my Passion for the Dance with you.
  • Saqra's Web Site - This is a test entry, but feel free to check our name book, articles on belly dance, listings of events, shopping and more!
  • School Of Egyptian Bellydancing - Sarita Mileta is the director and principal instructor. Her website has links many resources for dancers as well as interesting articals
  • Soraya's Mid-East Dance and Music Productions - Internationally acclaimed, Middle Eastern arts entertainment agency for Arabic concerts with famous singings stars, Casino showrooms, fancy weddings and Zeffa, corporate theme parties, black tie soirees, art museums and the like selectively.
  • The Big Drums - Middle Eastern music and dance news and events in the California Central Valley. Online home of the band MIRAGE of Fresno, California and the Bay Area: Performers of classic Armenian and Middle Eastern songs with an a modern twist!
  • Twisted Tassels - Twisted Tassels Tribal Dance Troupe, Twisted Tassels Tribal Dance Belts hand-made for the quality-minded dancer, and classes in the Hudson Valley of New York.
  • - - for the latest news on Belly Dance Bellydance - Based in Bristol, England. Bellydance events, workshops, classes, dvd's, costumes, music and trips.
  • Aleili - Aleili combines belly dancing and yoga techniques to build strength, flexibility and body awareness to support the dancer whether it's just for fun and fitness or for a maximum performance. She is the director for "The Veils of the Nile" dance company and her "Yoga for Belly Dancers" video is widely used by yoga and dancers alike. Classes, privates, performances and workshops available. It's all on her website at
  • Bellissimonde Director - World music and dance troupe BELLISSIMONDE's bio, description, mission, CD info and performance news. Also long-winded belly/dance history.
  • - Performer and instructor for the Portland/Vancouver area.
  • Dance Ethnologist, Dancer, Choreographer - Helene is an international touring artist and scholar who researches, teaches and performs traditional dance from the areas between North Africa and Central Asia. She has ongoing training programs in the Seattle area as well as around the world.
  • Dancers of the Mystic Rose - The Dancers of the Mystic Rose are a professional performing troupe that also give students the opportunity to perform in live stage shows and events. Located in Roselle, IL.
  • Emerald Rain - A growing ensemble of bellydancers committed to the dance. Sponsors of the Emerald Rain Bellydance Competition, in Everett Washington.
  • Fire Spirit Belly Dance - Let Belly Dancer Zelia share with you her fiery spirit! A dazzling performer who thrives on enchanting her audience members with her energy and charm. Also, a dynamic instructor who is well-known for her unique and creative choreographies. Check out her on-line boutique for an array of hip scarves available for purchase.
  • Javarah - Javarah performs & teaches Egyptian style Middle Eastern Dance in the Puget Sound area of Washington. Visit the site for lots of great bellydance links, or answers to your questions about bellydance!
  • Jessica - Neo-Egyptian dancer from Ojai CA. "If I can't dance...I don't want your revolution!"
  • Latifah Ahlam - Tribal Bellydance instructor on the west side. Fun and challenging for any level! Currently teaching at PCC - Rock Creek and Rebekah Hall (TV Hwy & SW 185th). I even offer a how-to notebook with photos!
  • Leylah Jamal - This site gives my bio, contact information, performance and workshop information, and how to book me for your next special event.
  • Magic of Oriental Dance - Promo of international performer as well as belly dance directories,on-line lessons, articles, interviews, music downloads and opinion polls.
  • Margo - Middle Eastern Dance - Margo Abdo O'Dell is a renowned teacher, performer and choreographer of Middle Eastern dance whom reviewers have called "fiery exciting, charismatic, and inspirational." Noted for her polished technique and expressiveness, she artfully combines them to form a beautiful, authentic dance experience. She is a dance artist who enjoys sharing her Lebanese heritage with students and audiences through the medium of dance.
  • Mariana Bellydancer - Hi! my name is Mariana and I write from Caracas - Venezuela. In this Web you will find information about presentations and events, in addition to some referring articles of interest to the Bellydance.
  • Nalini's website - Nalini's Belly dance and Indian Classical dance Kathak-style. Photos, video, bellydance costumes handmade by Anastasiya.
  • Outi - Outi is a professional performer, instructor and choreocrapher based in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to classical and modern Egyptian style she has studied Egyptian folklore (including Milaya Leff, Haggala, Nubian, Fellahi, Simsimeya) and some other folk dances like Tunisian, Gulf Khaleegy and Lebanese Dabka.
  • Palmetto Oasis Middle Eastern Dance Troupe - Palmetto Oasis Middle Eastern Dance Troupe is located in Charleston SC. We perform professionally and also teach group and private classes in cabaret and tribal style where you can incorporate the use of zils, veils, canes and sword balancing.
  • Raks Sharki - Performances and Instruction - Yosifah is a professional belly dancer and instructor in Martinez and Lafayette in the San Francisco Bay Area. She hostesses many dancer haflas, so let her know if you will be in her neighborhood!
  • Raqs Halim - Weaving together dance styles and cultural nuances from the Near and Middle East, North Africa, India, Spain, and all along the Romany trail, Raqs Halim performs a distinct blend of group and solo improvised and choreographed dance pieces that are both beautiful and mesmerizing. Bellydance is one of the most ancient forms of dance, passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter, generation to generation. Tribal styles of bellydance strive to express the spirit of celebration, sacredness and
  • RAQS JAWAHIR - Colorado area dancer, photos, links to other sites, bio, and more...
  • Shahrazad Dance Ensemble of Seattle - A performance by Shahrazad Dance Ensemble brings to the stage beautiful folkloric dances of the Levant, Egypt, North Africa, and the Persian Gulf. The troupe also performs American belly dance and fusion dance by their alter egos the Wild Women of Wongo.
  • Shimmer Middle Eastern Dance Studio - Bellydance performances for corporate/private events by South African studio Shimmer. Tuition for all ages. Join the fun or spice up your event!
  • Suzanna - A Seattle-area dancer, described by Saqra as a "powerhouse".
  • The Goddess Dancing - Located in Boston, MA, The Goddess Dancing provides info on prenatal belly dance, Goddess Dance, ritual performance, and belly dance and fitness. Read articles, find links, get music, see a clip of our intstructional video, and photos of our theatrical prodcutions all on our website. Join our email group or send us a note we'd love to hear from you!
  • Tribal Teacher - Learn the wonderful moves to this beautiful and empowering dance of grace! Located at The Rebekah/Odd Fellows Hall SW 185th & Shaw (Between T.V. Hwy & the Aloha Post Office) $10 per lesson, Thursday nights - Ongoing, 7:30pm - 9:00pm, Drop-in's are always welcome (503) 723-0579
  • Yazmina Zarod & Sahara Stars WebSite - "Sahara Stars" the FIRST middle eastern dance company ever founded in the northwest of Mexico! director and founder YAZMINA ZAROD from Tijuana, BAJA CALIFORNIA MEXICO.
  • Zanbaka - Zanbaka's Online Bazaar and Instruction - Zanbaka teaches a mix of folkloric, world fusion, and tribal technique. Her repertoire is based on the improvisational concepts of Gypsy Caravan and FatChanceBellyDance, infused with more elements of Middle Eastern Folkloric, Flamenco, West African, and East Indian Orissi Dance. Zanbaka's vision of tribal dance is a balance between the old and the new, traditional dances blended with the innovation of improv. She is one of the founding members of Raqs
  • Zari - Berkeley Belly Dancer
  • ZiZi Zabaneh - Middle eastern, Flamenco, Latin dancer/teacher in Miami, Florida.


  • SeaFattle - Important support and information site for women of size and one heck of a fun group. One of the few goups to get a Seattle varience to be able to throw bathroom scales off the Space Needle for national No-Diet Day. Check out the site if only to see if they still have info on how to find the site to teach women how to pee standing up. 
  • The Hunger Site - Help send food to hungry people around the world with just a mouse-click. It's not a hoax.
  • Real Goods - Since 1978, a great place to shop for ecologically-sound products.
  • The Stranger - Companion website to one of Seattle's best free alternative papers; contains events calendar, reviews, alternative news, features, etc.
  • Bijou Cafe - Home of a wide variety of alternative film (from short clips to full-length) available in streaming video.
  • On-Line Books Page - A great compendium of free books online, run by the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Another Urban Legends Reference Page - This site from the San Fernando Valley Folklore Association thoroughly and painstakingly documents rumors and urban legends. It's the best way to get the truth - or untruth - behind all those warnings that come to your In box. Very useful and very interesting to browse, too.
  • Apoet2's Webshots Home Page - Hundreds of simply great pictures, Including 2 albums with pictures from the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival from 2003, and most of an album from Med Fest 2002. Please feel free to download and use all the pictures you want so long as it is for you personal, non-commercial use. Enjoy!
  • Belly Up Ads around the world! - Welcome to, your source for info, products and services related to belly dancing and belly ads around the world!
  • Dancer/Writer/Producer - "Rak On! Bellydance" is a 1/2 hour, locally produced TV show that began production in MAY 2004 in the Puget Sound area. The show's focus is on local bellydancers (soloist, duets and troupes) of a variety of Bellydance styles including Cabaret, American Tribal, Fusion, etc. "Rak On! Bellydance" airs weekly (On Tuesday nites & Thursday afternoon).



  • A'Kai Silks ~~~ Divine Dancing Silk Veils and Clothing - Beautiful, one of a kind silk dancing veils for belly dancers. All custom dyed original. SPECIALING IN WHOLESALE ORDERS!! Ask about a free silk veil. Silk is available in rectangular or true half circle shapes. Silk clothing includes matching SILK skirt and veil sets for bellydance and silk fringed shawls.
  • Australian Belly dance Store - Australian Belly dance store.Purchase Belly dance costumes online. Phone orders accepted. Devs showroom is located on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.
  • B Sharp Fabrics - A full-service fabric shop that does fittings, too! The proprietress is experienced in both bellydance and re-enactment and understands the odd needs that can come up....
  • Belilah Online - Harem pants, handmade cholis, Peruvian jewelry, hand-dyed silk veils, tribal jewelry, videos, hipscarves and much more at affordable prices. Also information on dancers, classes and seminars in the Southeastern United States.
  • Belly Dance Costumes and Dancewear - Patterns and fabric for belly dancing including nylon/Lycra stretch knits, metallics, velvet, and silk. Also sewing notions and trims. And all at discounted prices.
  • Creative Crystal Company iron-on rhinestones, applicators and trims - Wholesale to public Swarovski Austrian crystal iron-on rhinestones, jewels, transfer motifs and trims. Manufacturer of the BeJeweler electric rhinestone applicator. Custom transfers, craft kits and pattern books. Free decorating information and tips. Order securely online, by mail or phone. Showroom in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Director - AMAZING Authentic Vintage SILK Kimono, Obi, and Fabric Collections of Japan from 1900s - 1950s, great prices!
  • Miss Belly Dance shopping website *** Free Shipping!!!!*** - Quality bellydance costumes, hip scarfs, coin belts, skirts, tops, veils and accessories are handmade in Turkey according to traditional and modern belly dance costume designs. In addition to costumes we sell hand crafted jewelry to accent your outfit.
  • Nadiyah's - Offering information and products for to those interested in raqs el sharki, more commonly known as belly dancing. Visit us today and review our Bulletin Board, free coloring pages, and more!
  • Owner - Belly dance costumes on the rack or custom costuming for all sizes. Specializing in custom beaded headbands and coin belts. Other supplies include body stockings, tribal jewelry and much more. Quality at affordable prices.
  • Owner - Versatile, stay-put glitter for your eyes and body! Unique sugar adhesive won't hurt your eyes, and keeps the glitter looking great all day long!
  • owner / designer - quality one of a kind belly dance costumes. hand made beaded jewelry. crystal stones, tea lights, spheres.
  • Simply Stylish - Belly dance attire from practice to performanc. Harem pants, skirts, veils, and tops made out of cottons, rayons, and polyester microfibers. Available in a rainbow of colors and reasonably priced.
  • The Copper Camel - Looking for something fun and unusual? Offers elongated pennies especially designed for the belly dance community. Currently three style to choose fromm, with or without dangles, pressed on real copper pennies!
  • The Gypsy Den - Online belly dance shop in Australia specialising in classwear and silk veils.
  • Velvet Peacock Designs - Classy, decadent & sexy Tribal Belly Dance Costumes, Tribal Gypsy Belly Dance Costumes, Ghawazee Coats, Lady Pirate Inspired and Medieval Fantasy Costumes & other fine Velvet Fashions. Everything is hand made in Maui, Hawaii, USA. Medieval fantasy and lady pirate inspired costumes coming soon!
  • Kurdistanshop online - The first Kurdish online shop for all yours special Kurdish gifts, promotion material with your own dimension, logo and text, publicity, others accessories, Kurdish flags, Kurdish clothes, music, books, maps, posters with Kurdish dimension and text. Every where, every time easy shopping and safely pay with your credit card.


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