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1st Saturday of every month - 6:30-9pm Saqra presents an open dance revue in Kent, WA.  

  • Conference room seating from 6pm and you CAN order food and drinks in there.
  • 6:30 Show starts with band.

Dance to LIVE MUSIC OR CD. Contact   (253-813-8580)  to dance -- please be aware that you can't book someone else... the person dancing needs to book the spot themselves or we seem to experience a lot of no-shows! About 9-12 dancers all levels. $5 cover

ABOUT GOLDEN STEER: This spacious venue is in Kent. Venue is good for all ages with full bar & restaurant service in the conference room. This place has a rep for REALLY good food at reasonable prices. Lots of seating. Large non-raised dance area and space to travel into audience as desired. Restroom dressing area.  Excellent dance floor lighting. Easy directions below...

---- So does this include YOU to dance? Yes! Dancers welcome all levels all styles. Please try to limit your request to every other month for this event (if you want to dance and you danced last month, please ask anyway ... if it gets down to the day before and we have the space we would love to have you). We do accept booking several months in advance, but there are almost always changes and cancellations at the last minute so don't be afraid to ask!

We do ask that you try to keep recorded music times to no longer than 7-9 minutes for a troupe. Soloists maybe like 4-7 max unless you are going to do something extra entertaining... then just like keep it like 7-9. Nobody is really going to hold a clock on you, but it is always better to leave them wanting a bit more. <grin> 

Final line-up in order for each month usually appears here  about the Thursday before the event.

  • Jan 4, 2020 - SPECIAL EVENT: ALL TERRIFIED DANCERS SHOW - (Band or CD/Mp3 welcome) Band: RaqsBand; Our annual ALL TERRIFIED DANCER SHOW! At Golden Steer in Kent.... I collect this list off line unless you specifically ask to be listed. This is the one time you have carte blanche to sign up and not show up, not sign up and still show up to dance, walk onto the stage area and change your mind.... all will be forgiven!
  • Feb 1, 2020 - Cancelled - event conflict. Check out Hasani's Hafla!
  • March 7, 2020 - Band: RaqsBand; Dancers: Tian (CD), Diana, Mona, Sahaila, Jaree Dahia, Carol, Raks Makela (CD), Na'imah, Casandra, Ashira, Phaedra Nicholle, Indigo, and maybe Saqra (waitlist: Mas-Uda, Maia)
  • April 4, 2020 - OUR LAST GOLDEN STEER! Band: RaqsBand; Dancers: ?, Amirah & Karin, Kendra, Zorina, Stefanie, Sway, Sirens of the Sound, Amalyn, Samarah, Mira, Kat, and Saqra
  • May 2 & 3, 2020 - SPECIAL EVENT: Ambassador of Belly Dance Competition & Festival -


 *    I-5 to I-405 in Southcenter
*    I-405 N to Exit 2 SOUTH on Hwy 167 (towards Kent/Auburn)
*    Hwy 167 to second Exit (212th St)
*    Left on 212th -- go up and over the hill
*    Right on 108th Ave SE (5th traffic light from the exit) -- it will zigzag and become 104th
*    1.5 miles and Golden Steer will be on your left by MacClendon's Hardware and/or Paola's Restaurant


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