Saqra's Workshop Topics


FINGER CYMBALS: "Beginning through Insane"  -- Saqra's popular workshop topic "Finger Cymbals: Beginning through Insane" focusing on the use of counter rhythms to actually reflect your movement and your music. Whether you are just beginning cymbals or are professional level, there WILL be things to challenge or inspire you. 1.5- 2 hours

SHIMMY DICTIONARY -- over 50 kinds of shimmy and what to do with them! 3 hours


POP, SNAP, WHACK! HOT LOCK COMBOS: Isolations, Effortless Transitions, Hot Lock Combos  -- Warm up with classic and exotic isolations, explore body energy control and absolutely effortless weight changes, then move right into Saqra's precision "Pop," "Drop" & "Lock" technique rules & the exciting and powerful leading lock combo technique. Learn new combos and how to make your own personal signature moves. 2-2.5 hours

BE THE MUSIC -- POWERFUL TAQSIM IMPROV: Isolations, Effortless Transitions, Taqsim Interpretation Rules --Warm up with classic and exotic isolations, explore body energy control for absolutely effortless transitions, then work through the classic art of taqsim interpretation (where a dancer must be able to communicate the sounds she is hearing. Very useful for ALL phases of dancing) including information on how to interpret different instruments and how to phrase your movements... completely improvised on the fly. 2.5 hours

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BELLY MOVES - Beginning through Deadly and how to get 'em into your dance (1-2 hours)

And of course CHOREOGRAPHIES are always popular! See the "Big List o' Topics" for a complete list!



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