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Technically skilled, passionately presented, just plain fun! ~ International Dancer Magazine

"Saqra is a walking, talking dance encyclopedia with built in demo features.  Most other instructor's content per hour of class (video or otherwise) is probably less than 1/2 of what you will get from her." ~Cris Merrill, the Christine of

Perfect step breakdowns... I really understand these moves for the very first time. ~ Meredith Hale, dance artist on her third attempt at learning the dance form

"Not only are Saqra's classes the most fun I've ever taken, her attention to detail has worked its way into my dance vocabulary. Her ability to break down movements plus skills at teaching to various levels and learning styles make Saqra a real treasure and credit to this dance form. Any opportunity to study with her should not be missed, either in person or via her videos." ~ Kathryn Hopper, instructor & sponsor

"I just wanted to let you know I REALLY enjoyed your class. Things fell into place when you discussed the elements. I'd been wondering what it is about my dancing that doesn't please me and now it all makes sense. Too much air. Not enough earth or fire. ..The entrances and exits really helped too, and the transition steps. It's a rare thing indeed when you can be in a class all day and not get bored. The day seemed to fly by [it was a 6 hour seminar ~S.]. I enjoyed that we worked mentally as well as physically." ~ Rebecca Lester, award-winning performer

"Once again, I'd like to thank you for that wonderful choreography workshop that took place down in Vancouver. It was probably the best $65 I've ever spent." ~ Suzanna Samb, International Relations Consultant

I just wanted to take the time out to thank you for shipping the beginner's video.  I just finished viewing it and moving right along with you.  This video is great!!  I have been taking belly dancing classes for the past 3 months (almost everyday).  The studio I take classes at has 3 different teachers and another studio has another teacher.  I must say, neither 4 of these teachers has explained nor moved so easily as you have in this beginner's video.  There have been so many moves that I wasn't able to grasp until now with yours!
I cannot thank you enough!  As soon as I am ready for more, I will definately keep you in mind!
Take care and thank you!
 ~ Elaudy Abreu, East Elmhurst, NY


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