Saqra's Workshop Topics
  • Instructors Advisory Class: Teaching MEDance to Adults - Important psychological and safety considerations, material presentation techniques, in class student management, key dance concepts by student level, sample curriculums. 3 hours
  • Choreographic & Non-Choreographic Dancer Intensive -  Arms & Professional Body Positioning, Musical Interpretation, Emoting & Audience Relations, Entrances, Exits, Spot & Full Choreographing Techniques, Floor Patterning --- all to communicate and emphasize your own style and strengths and hide your weaknesses. 3 hours
  • Career Counseling Lecture and Q&A. So you want to... be a soloist, feel more creative, have more dance opportunities, dance at local clubs, start a regular show, travel, start an event, start a troupe, become a teacher, increase your class size, become a workshop instructor. Proven techniques presented and a chance to discuss your own problems or interests. 2.5 hours
  • Practical Stagecraft for Belly Dancers - Lighting, room and stage dynamics, achieving special effects, make-up effects. 2 hours
  • This class is intended for the dancer needing to better understand rhythms, or the anyone interested in Middle Eastern Rhythms. Proper striking technique and drum selection will be addressed. Rhythms will also be presented in finger cymbal format. The rhythms to be covered are a combination of the rhythms most commonly used for Middle Eastern dance including: "Beledi" - properly known as Masmoudi Sagir; Saidi; Chiftatelli - a Turkish/Greek rhythm; "Masmoudi" - Masmoudi Kabir; Maksoum, Ayoub - a hot 2/4 with variations; Bolero - commonly used in Egyptian music; Karsilima 9/8 (Turkish); Sulukule 9/8 (Modern Turkish); Persian 6/8; Moroccan 6/8 and more. Students receive written rhythm lists. Class will go as far as the experience and aptitude of the students allows during that class period. 2.5 hours



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