Saqra's Workshop Topics

All choreography classes have cultural information and technique information where appropriate to enhance your understanding along with your actual dance skills.


6:30-10pm Lively Zill Choreography to the upbeat traditional Turkish song "Uskadar" -- Full finger cymbal instruction included before the routine begins.


9:30-12 and 1-4 "Andah Alaik" Classical Arabic Choreography - Beautiful, complex music composed by Mohammed Abd al-Wahhab. 5-1/2 hours. History & technique.

6-9pm (Evening potluck hafla? with) Hasapiko & Syrto instruction - fun and lively Greek line dances in the traditional style. History and technique


9:30-1pm Drum Solo Choreography - hot new drum solo choreographed fresh by Saqra for 2007 plus technique

2-4:30pm  Career Counseling Lecture and Q&A. So you want to... be a soloist, feel more creative, have more dance opportunities, dance at local clubs, start a regular show, travel, start an event, start a troupe, become a teacher, increase your class size, become a workshop instructor. Proven techniques presented and a chance to discuss your own problems or interests.

7-9:30pm Ghawazee Tribal Improv Style Choreography - Routine is taught in a tribal style cued format using all Banat Mazin Ghawazee moves. Basic finger cymbals will be taught and are usually used in this style but can be eliminated by the dancer if needed. The Ghawazee are Egyptian street/celebration dancers. See video of Khyriya Mazin taken in 2006 to get the flavor and current costuming.


9:30-12:30 Turkish Rom Style Choreography - though this is usually a spontaneous dance, this choreography to earthy Rom ("Gypsy") music fresh from Saqra's trip to Turkey in '06 will help you to cement your technique.

1:30-3:30 Practical Stagecraft for Belly Dancers - Lighting, room and stage dynamics, achieving special effects, make-up effects

6:30-9pm Evening Gala


9:30-12:30 Double Veil Choreography to the gorgeous song "Yar Tou Noush Es" recorded by Khatchig Jingirian, plus technique

1:30-4:30pm Advanced body isolations, effortless weight changes, 7 essential shimmy techniques, and what they all have to do with each other


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