Saqra's Workshop Topics

All choreography classes have cultural information and technique information where appropriate to enhance your understanding along with your actual dance skills.


6:30-10pm Lively Tambourine Dance -  Crowd-pleasing Tambourine Choreography to Saroyan's "Nina Nai Nai" and complete instruction on properly playing the riq or tambourine while dancing


9:30-12 and 1-4 Egyptian Pop Choreography - "Om Okaf" -- A hot, upbeat choreography featuring only very current modern Egyptian moves and combinations as seen in Cairo. Learn as a choreography, or learn just to steal some of the innovative and powerful combinations for your own use!

6-9pm (Evening potluck hafla? with) Debke instruction - a fun and lively line dance in the traditional style. History and technique


9:30-1pm 25 Part Single Veil Choreography - professional level choreo plus tips & tricks and more

2-4:30pm  Professionalism Toolkit & Personal Growth Analysis - make the most of what you have and stop stagnating

7-9:30pm Khaleegi Choreography - gorgeous dance featuring steps from the gulf (3 hours)


10-11:30 Finger Cymbals - Beginning Through Insane

12:30-3:30 Three Rockin' Rhythms - Move into three common dance rhythms learning their origin and/or history, finger cymbal combinations and variations, dance combinations and improvisation techniques to make you completely in touch with the heartbeat of your music!  -- Choose 3 from a list of the most common rhythms (Masmoodi, "Beledi," "Karsilima" 9/8, Sulukule 9/8, Chiftatelli, Bolero, 6/8, Ayoub, Saidi and others) (1.5-2 hours)

6:30-9pm Evening Gala


9:30-12:30 Skirt Dancing Technique, 9/8 dancing technique & A Nice Choreography To Cement it All

1:30-4:30pm Editing CDs by Computer for the Novice - How to use a readily available free program to edit your music for those with only base level computer skills. Tips on how to select what to keep and what to throw away, when to fade and how fast. Identifying what to do to make edits more seamless for a more professional dance presentation. Written information and demonstration, some hands on work. Copy of the program on disk. Bring a laptop if you have one. Windows or Mac okay. Also tips on cutting to tape and how to talk someone else into burning it to CD for you for the primitive.


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