Saqra's Workshop Topics

All choreography classes have cultural information and technique information where appropriate to enhance your understanding along with your actual dance skills.


6:30-10pm Lively Saidi Cane Choreography - Solo, Group (3 hours) - has part straight Saidi and part a hot drum solo


10-12 Single & Double Sword Technique

1-4 Turkish Pop Choreography (Tarkan: "Simirik") - Solo, Group (2-3 hours)

6-9pm (Evening potluck hafla? with) Costuming instruction - what to do about that problem figure, fixing the weird costume, what to watch for when buying, preventing decay and damage, techniques on making your own


10-1pm Choreographic and Non-Choreographic Techniques - breaking down music, different techniques to create choreography or to improvise, techniques for both live and recorded music.... plus everything from analyzing your strengths to selecting music

2-4:30pm  BE THE MUSIC -- POWERFUL TAQSIM IMPROV: Isolations, Effortless Transitions, Taqsim Interpretation Rules --Warm up with classic and exotic isolations, explore body energy control for absolutely effortless transitions, then work through the classic art of taqsim interpretation (where a dancer must be able to communicate the sounds she is hearing. Very useful for ALL phases of dancing) including information on how to interpret different instruments and how to phrase your movements... completely improvised on the fly.

7-9:30pm "Play it Yourself, Sam!" Drum Solo Choreography.... to no drum! Just you and your cymbals produce the whole routine!


10-12:30 Drumming & Rhythm for the Dancer - includes cymbal rhythm technique

1:30-3:30 Elegant Hands & Arms

6:30-9pm Evening Gala


9:30-12:30 Shimmy Dictionary - 50+ Kinds of Shimmy and What to do with them!

1:30-4:00pm Oulid Nail Technique & History


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