Saqra Raybuck, Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist

Registered Hypnotherapist in the State of Washington

By appointment only: Saqra@saqra.net or 253-813-8580


  • Mon - Daytime or Evening
  • Tu - Morning only
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  • Habit control (e.g. smoking, weight control)
  • Analgesia/Anesthesia (e.g. physical pain control)
  • Situational anxiety (e.g. stage fright, phobias, childbirth preparation)
  • Emotional mood problems (e.g. depression, generalized anxiety)
  • Performance improvement (e.g. learning & memory, creativity enhancement)


Where do I start?

An initial consultation interview and a completed questionnaire is required for you to decide if you want to work with me, and for me to decide if I am the right person to work with you. During the initial consultation we will do an intake interview and discuss goals and treatment. If we are both comfortable with the interaction, we will either continue on into the first treatment session with no additional delay, or set the appointment for the first session of hypnosis and complete the paperwork and payment for the minimum 2-session treatment plan.

You will be given a CD with a relaxation induction to listen to a few times before our first session if you desire. This will help you to become comfortable with my voice and my style so as to make our sessions more effective.

It IS possible to do the initial consultation by phone and the questionnaire by mail or email, but a live interview is preferable. If you wish to interview by phone and mail, please make contact with Saqra, and include a list of times it would be best to contact you for your phone interview.

Initial consultation is to be pre-paid and is non-refundable, but does not obligate you to further treatment.

Initial Consultation $25/30min


What is the minimum cost for a treatment plan?

Minimum standard session plan begins at $125

That includes the initial consultation, plus 2 one-hour sessions. (I am of the opinion that NO problem can really be effectively treated without a follow up session to assess results, eliminate ineffective suggestions, and reinforce effective suggestions)  2 session minimum, pre-paid and non-refundable.

Some types of problems do require additional sessions for effective treatment, and there will be a discussion of additional sessions in advance.

Regular session rate is $50/hour, prepaid and non-refundable at the beginning of each session over the minimum treatment plan

.How long do these things take?

The following issues usually take 2-3 sessions for results: Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Athletic Performance, Physical Discomfort, Learning & Memory, Performance Anxiety, Childbirth Preparation, Grief Counseling, Enhancing Creativity

The following issues usually take from 2-5 sessions for results: Phobias, Depression, General Anxiety, Weight Control, Self Confidence, Panic Attacks, Surviving Sexual Abuse, or working with another undescribed personal issue

Informational Hypnosis takes 2 sessions: Past-Life Regression, Self Hypnosis Instruction, Memory Recovery, Finding Your Inner Guide

Is there any alternative to live consultation?

Yes. There is also available the alternative of a custom session CD/tape based on your questionnaire answers.

Note that a custom CD means you will be treating the problem without complete diagnosis by a hypnotherapist. In other words, the CD can not be as targeted specifically to the client as a live consultation can be, and therefore it is less likely to reach the underlying problems in some more complex conditions. Of course, you also have a complete session for the condition that you can play again and again, but you must be aware of the less targeted nature of the custom CD type of treatment. CDs usually run approximately 30 to 45 minutes and come with directions for use. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Custom session CD  $110 pre-paid, non-refundable. Includes postage within the US.



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Your Age:                  Gender:

Marital status:

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Job Description:


Describe current health and medical history (if pertinent):


Current medications: (please list, if pertinent)


Have you received psychotherapy, alternative therapy, or other counseling? (If yes, please provide details of reason for therapy and results obtained.)



Have you ever been hypnotized before? (if yes, describe experience)



Purpose of Hypnosis (Describe your problem and/or goal):



How long have you had this condition/problem/goal?

Describe your expectations of hypnosis:


All information about you will remain strictly confidential. Successful, lasting results may require several hypnosis sessions. You may be asked to practice self-hypnosis or listen to a reinforcement audio tape. You are responsible for actively cooperating with, and participating in, the success of your program.  Saqra Raybuck shall not be held accountable for the results you attain. You may be referred elsewhere for treatment, or have your hypnosis program terminated if Saqra Raybuck deems it appropriate.

Continuing to contact Saqra for assistance acknowledges you have read the above and additionally have answered as honestly and thoroughly as possible.



An intake interview is done on the first visit. Demographic information is gathered, including family and medical history, general life-style information and whatever else (the client) or I feel is pertinent or necessary. The interview is similar to any other counseling interview. Occasionally, a complete, in-depth interview takes an entire session, although every effort is made for you to experience the beneficial quality of the hypnotic state. Sometimes a first session will include suggestibility testing.

During this interview both written and verbal information about your issues is gathered. Information such as when the issue is a problem. when it is worse or better, how it affects you, how would you like it to be. As you define the issue I listen for the presence of secondary gains that might be present (but unknown to you) to bring that possibility to your attention. An example of a secondary gain in a health condition could be the desired attention or freedom from unwanted responsibilities.


I'll also look at the possibility that you've come to "change" for someone else. It's important that you understand that for lasting change to take place your decision to undertake hypnotherapy must be self-directed.

 If you are seeing a hypnotherapist for the first time, you probably do not know what to expect; and might have misconceptions about the process. For instance, you may feel very relaxed, or you might feel very alert and may question whether you've been hypnotized. During our pre-induction interview, I will explain how hypnosis is an interactive experience between us. And that we will build the trance together. (All hypnosis is self hypnosis). I will also explain how your subconscious will lead you to just the right depth of trance to accomplish your goals. This is also the time to find out what type of induction will suit you best and what suggestions will be appropriate for you. We'll establish trust, build rapport, build your sense of positive expectation and correct any misconceptions you have. Each subsequent session begins will begin with a pre-induction interview to determine the goal for that particular session.



Next, positive goals are set. Together, we'll identify a goal that is realistic, believable and achievable. For instance, rather than "I don't want to be nervous in front of crowds." for your goal... We'd re-phrase the goal to say something like, "I will be calm and confident in front of crowds." When composing self-suggestions, remember the subconscious mind doesn't recognize a sense of humor, sarcasm or negatives. Hence, "I don't want to be nervous," can translate to, "I want to be nervous.




There are many types of inductions and trance deepeners for various kinds of hypnotherapy. Over several sessions, inductions can become instantaneous or rapid because positive expectation and post hypnotic suggestions for trance have been established. However, typical inductions can last from 10-30 minutes and incorporate several induction styles.


Hypnosis sessions can be authoritative or permissive. Initially, I will choose the method that best suits your personality and needs and program direct suggestions while you are in trance. During this kind of session a client interacts little, if at all, with a hypnotherapist.

Another form of hypnotic session can make use of ideomotor responses. In this type of session, your issue or problem may be unknown to us both. I will lead you through your issue and elicit feedback about the process using "yes or no" questions to which you respond verbally or by ideomotor response (body talk -- raising a finger, nodding your head, etc.). The process always includes post hypnotic suggestions to promote change in the future. Ideomotor responding is very useful when working with an issue that you are not comfortable talking about out loud.

In interactive hypnosis, the hypnotherapist and the client converse back and forth. The client is involved the entire time in creating the desired experience or state of being in the subconscious mind; and is communicating his or her experience to the hypnotherapist. Mental rehearsal is also part of this interactive intervention. The session always ends with post-hypnotic suggestions to anchor new behaviors or perceptions.


The reframing process is a rapid and long lasting way for a client to process and reframe old beliefs, emotions and patterns of behavior. The result is a shift is in the structure of the subconscious and using the various protocols listed below, a client can actually experience a new state of being with the reframed experience becoming a part of their inner realities.


The post-hypnotic suggestions are programmed as part of the intervention. The purpose of the post-hypnotic suggestion is to enable you to use solutions discovered and experienced during trance to change responses and behaviors in the future, when they are needed.

A post hypnotic suggestion empowers you by accessing resources in the subconscious mind without the continued need for the hypnotherapist. A hypnotherapist's primary role is to facilitate a bridge between the client's conscious and subconscious.


Mental rehearsal is simply a way of checking the efficacy of the post-hypnotic suggestions and determining whether or not the processes were completed. Basically, we find out if we have located and addressed the core issue. You'll know success has been achieved if you are able to imagine yourself in a situation that previously triggered undesirable responses and you are now able to invoke the newly anchored response. The goal is to be able to imagine yourself able to actually experience the new response.


After "awakening" suggestions are given, you will appropriately emerge, remember, and feel wonderfully refreshed from the hypnotic experience.

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