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Alankara - Tops, pantaloons, scarves, and other costuming items.

All Gem Jewelry - Beautiful jewelry for Cabaret or Tribal costuming, including silver, hemp, and wooden pieces.

AMIS (Arabic Music) - Review, listen to samples, and purchase Arabic music.

Anja Designs / Glitzy Gypsy - Beautiful custom costumes - various styles

(the) - Outstanding reproductions of artifacts from Egypt, Greece.

Artemis Imports - Cosumes, clothing, patterns, henna, accessories, music, videos.

Audrena (and/or - Turkish and Egyptian costumes, accessories, music, etc.

Baladi Boutique - Costumes and accessories (located in Florida)

Barraka el Farnatshi - Music

Bast Designs - Handmade jewelry for belly dancers, both ready-made and custom designs.

Belly Dance New York - Swap page. Buy and sell used costumes & accessories. - Nice selection of beaded costumes, Hip Scarves (medium & large sizes, including velvet and crocheted styles), silk veils, skirt & veil sets, harem pants, tops, coin/chain belts, costume coins, etc. Plus sizes available.

Belly Dance Treasures - Music, instruments, scarves, swords, Egyptian costumes, and washable custom costumes. 

Belly Dance Wear - dresses, hip scarves, head pieces, and other belly dance accessories.

Belly Dancer Costume - Original costumes from Turkey

Belly Dancing Bazaar - Costumes & Accessories

Bellydance Museum - Film posters, prints, and postcards

Belly Roll Costumes - Custom made tribal costumes and accessories: harem pants, veils (including silk), tassle belts, coin bras.

Bindi Shop - Lots of styles and colors to choose from, and very low prices.

Bohemian Market - Skirts, veils, cholis, jewelry, sarongs, hip scarves, and other belly dance items. Some antique skirts and veils available.

Chainmail & More - Alternative jewelry, bra covers, belly chains, headbands, etc.

Cicek Pasaj - Jewelry, zills, music, videos, dance tops, veils, folkloric dresses, an excellent selection of hip scarves, and some nice costumes at reasonable prices. (Presented in French and English)

Cleopatra's Closet - Jewelry, scarves, skirts, and other accessories

Costume Goddess - Books on how to make belly dance costumes of all types.

Coté - Costuming supplies, such as sequins, fringe, crystals, etc.

Dahlal Internationale - Costumes sorted by Egyptian, Turkish, Goddess, and Plus Sizes. Designs by Madame Abla and affordable troupe ensembles available. They also have great practice gear, music, videos, and jewelry.

Dance Angel - Cholis, sarongs, harem pants, and practice gear.

Dancing Tiger - Housewares, gifts, jewelry, and belly dance accessories from the Middle East and North Africa, including beautiful Persian vases and other wonderful treasures.

Dark Angel Designs - Belly Dance accessories (Jewelry, Hips Scarves, Zills)

Desert Roses - Coin bras, hair strands.

Designs by Janie - Unique costumes, body stockings and VERY fancy leotards, pet pyramids (homes for cats or small dogs), nice Egyptian switch plates, costuming supplies & patterns, music.

Distant Caravans - Costumes, clothing, accessories, henna, music, videos, etc.

Domba - Gypsy costumes and music

Earth Henna - Mehindi stuff. Books, stencils, videos, and information about the art and ingredients.

Eclypse Belly Dance Shoppe - Belly dance super store! Everything you need - costumes, hip scarves, harem pants, tops, coin bras & belts, sandals, jazz pants, jewelry, zills, unitards, books, music, videos, coins.

Egyptian Palace - Wonderful Egyptian treasures for your home or studio. Great source for gifts as well.

Egyptian Store - Egyptian jewelry / cartouches

Emeralds - Hand-dyed costumes for Middle Eastern dancers, and clothing inspired by Middle Eastern dance and fashion. Also has a one-of-a-kind / used costume section.

Enchanted Dance, the - Belly dance videos from Estelle in Australia.

Essence of Eve - Costumes and accessories. Great source for ornate cholis and skirts, espeically gypsy and tribal.

Esau's Boutique - Belly dance costumes & accessories, as well as some lovely gift ideas, including incense and incense burners.

Fashion Jewelry Stop - Nice Indian style necklaces, bangles, anklets, and more. Another great supplier of jewelry for Tribal style costuming.

Fatima's Bazaar - Practice gear, imported clothing, accessories, and music.

Fayoum - This site is in German only, and merchandise is priced in Euro, but they do accept American dollars.

Flying Skirts - Tribal style costuming; nice coin & shell bras.

Ganesha Bazaar - Everything you need for belly dance, from tribal to gypsy. Also features some nice items for decorating your home or studio.

Glitter World - Professional belly dance costumes, practice gear, harem pants, jewelry, silk veils, tribal wear, etc.

The Goddess Garden - Lots of great jewelry, including foot adornments, belly chains, rings, and more. Clothing, candles, and other misc. items also available.

Haramlik - Bedouin and Pharaonic jewelry from Egypt.

Ice Cube Imports (Canada) - Belts, belly chains, totes, bindis, henna, books, videos, music, jewelry, hip scarves, etc.

India's Craft - Tribal cholis / tops, tribal scarves, textile belts, gypsy jewelry & Indian clothing and costumes (such as salwar kameez), Tribal ladies shoes, hand- embroidered ladies t-shirts, wall hangings, hand bags, bed sheets, cushion covers, paintings, Indian snacks / foods, leather products & more.

Judith's Head - Costumes, clothing, accessories and jewelry

Kajira's Tribal Bazaar - Videos, books, music, and tribal costuming necessities.

Kalpataru International - Manufacturer and exporter of belly dance jewelry. Also features accessories, metal beads, henna kits, and housewares.

Kamikaze Costumes - (Official costumer for Gypsy Caravan) Hand-made tribal costumes, imported jewelry and textiles, music, videos, and more. Here you can find beautiful two-tone pantaloons, fringe hip scarves, a nice selection of tribal belts, and some very unique veils.

Kayley's Caravan Creations - Unique, high quality, affordable dance tops, gypsy skirts, pants, veils, and hip scarves.

L. Rose Designs - Nice selection of cholis, harem pants, skirts, vests, and other accessories.

Liquid Silver Designs - Emporium Exotica & Asssuit Market. The Emporium features antique Egyptian jewelry, home decor, perfume, and more. The Assuit Market offers shawls, tops, belts and more... all made in whole or in part of assuit.

Lygia's Belly Dance World - Custumes and accessories. A great source for inexpensive cabaret costumes.

Magical Fashions - Beautiful clothing from India and other exotic lands. A great source for Banjara cholis and skirts, veils, sarongs, hand bags, Thobes Caftans / Khaleegy dresses, saris.

Mandala - Gifts, jewelry, and accessories

Maya's Muse Boutique - Unique and artful gifts featuring original designs with a belly dance theme on apparel, accessories, items for the home, office and more.

MedDevi - Belly Dance and related artwork, prints, notecards, and magnets, "Design for Dancers" graphic and web services, plus music and costuming.

Michael Campbell - Amazing photography / digital art of belly dancers for sale.

Moon Dance - Skirts, cholis, harem pants, veils, jewelry, swords, bags, henna, tribal wear.

Mouna Moroccan Imports - Imported furniture, including antique Moroccan lamps and other treasures, kaftans,Khaleeji dresses, hats, music.

Neferchichi's Tomb - All things Egyptian! This is an outstanding site for anyone who loves ancient Egyptian... everything! Clip art, fonts, information, T-shirts... some pretty weird stuff

Oasis Dance Company - Costumes, jewelry, musical instruments, home decor.

Old Istanbul - Belly dance costumes from Turkey! Professional sets, low-cost beginner's sets, hip scarves, gold shoes, etc.

Our Tribe - Tribal jewelry, clothing, textiles, etc.

Pam's Pearls - Full selection of freshwater pearls - great for the creative costume designer!

Pe-Ko International Records - Excellent selection of middle eastern music.

Pink Gypsy - Costumes, accessories, music, and videos

Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance - "Awakening Spirituality Through Movement and Ritual" - a book by Iris J. Stewart

Saroyan Mastercrafts - ZILLS! Musical instruments, swords, costuming coins, music, & more!

Seven Veils (Babylon Breeze) - Beautiful cabaret costumes (including Modern Egyptian styles) from Turkey. Nice selection, reasonable prices. - costumes, jewelry, gifts, unique items.

Silk Road Market - Accessories & gifts from Turkey, Morocco, India, and more! Located in Santa Barbara, California.

Silvex - Jewelry, accessories, clothing, housewares, and gifts from Afghanistan and Pakistan. An excellent source for Tribal jewelry.

Sisters of the Shawl - American Tribal Style belly dance boutique. In addition to costuming supplies, they also sell bindis and Nag Champa & Lotus Lovers products (oils, soaps, bath & beauty, gift sets, etc.). A good place to find unique gifts.

Skye's Boutique - costumes, jewelry, fabric, gifts, costumes/clothing for men.

Sonya's Souk - Nice variety of costumes for Belly Dancers / Middle Eastern Dancers. Skirts, veils, harem pants, peasant blouses, vests, Bedlah, and more. Costumes made to order. Alterations and repairs also available.

Sphinx Records - Publishers of middle eastern music and videos

Sulisha Creations - Hip scarves, coin belts, perfume bottles, drums, appliques, jewelry, Egyptian statues, and music. - beautiful hand-made costumes by Tahiya of Yaleil. Custom designs also available.

Theora's Belly Dance Boutique - Silk items, lace costumes, sari costumes, Gawazee, beledi, etc. You can also find cholis and Tribal costuming here.

Topkapi Designs - Costumes, accessories, music, and videos

Tribal Temple - "Urban Gypsy" wear

Turkish Bazaars - Manufacturer and wholesaler of Turkish belly dance costumes and accessories.

Turkish Emporium - Buy merchandise directly from Istanbul.

Turquoise International - Zills, veils, audio tapes, video tapes, loads of goodies, plus Madame Abla costumes.

Unicorn Belly Dance Supplies - Costumes, accessories, musical instruments, swords.

Uniquewear - Many types of costumes and related items.

Veils of Arabia Belly Dance Supplies - Costumes and accessories, including tummy covers and velvet zill pouches.

Whimsical Treasure - Hips scarves and custom, hand-made bead and tassle bras for any gypsy or tribal dance.

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